Happy New Year!

Joy’s Eternal Sunrise: Why Heaven Will Never Be Boring

Hey guys! I just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to y’all! It’s now officially 2021. Let’s celebrate!

Who stayed up for this moment? No, pointless question. We all know – don’t lie and say you don’t do that every night. It will be a strange night for me when I’m in bed before midnight. I remember when I was little and my bedtime was at nine-thirty, LOL, and I would have dropped dead in shock if I was allowed to stay up until midnight.

Anyways, I’m sending lots of confetti your way! I pray your new year is filled with blessings. 2020 may have been an unusual one, but we got through it. We’ll get through whatever this one brings – and see the good in it no matter what!



7 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR JOY CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stayed up till PAST midnight last night! But I um…*cough, cough* I’m usually in the bed between 9:30 -10 on school nights…so *cough, cough* XD I’m pretty sure the staying up past midnight all the time is not what everyone does. XD 😉 Seriously, though!


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