Love and Light – A TAS Poem by Joy Caroline

Hey guys!

Before we get into today’s post, let me just comment on something. I’m sure y’all have noticed all the crazy changes to my site! Like, what happened overnight, Joy? And the answer is yes, yesterday I gave my site a complete makeover. I’m so happy with how it looks, I’m not gonna be experimenting with it anymore! I love love love the new look and I’m sure I’m never gonna get tired of it. (Quote yourself on that, Joy. LOL.) I even made an epic logo and here it is right below! Isn’t it a beauty?

And the best part is, I got an awesome new URL – !! How exciting is THAT, y’all!?! No more WordPress ads for me, mwahahaha. (Okay, that was just weird. Don’t mind me.)

ANYWAYS! Now that we’ve got all those exciting changes discussed, let’s get on to today’s super fun post!

So, for today’s post I wanted to share a poem I wrote as a fun extra to The Apostle’s Sister. This scene is not included in the book, but I find that writing extra scenes through poetry is a really good and fun way for me to improve my writing and get to know my characters better so I can develop them properly.

Anyways, this poem is called Love and Light. It’s from the point of view of Seth, Temira’s youngest son. The more I write about Seth, the more he’s becoming my favorite secondary character from TAS, so I chose to write this poem from his perspective. Besides, it’s very interesting to see things through the eyes of a small child. I feel that little children can see things adults can’t, and that makes them very compelling narrators, such as in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. (Yes, I’m mentioning this book again AND including the Amazon link again, because my mission is to get all of you guys to read it! Seriously, you NEED to. It will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.)

LOL, moving on. (But you guys really do need to read TKAM.) I feel like a good writing tip is, if you’re stuck on your novel, choose one of your youngest characters and write an extra scene from their perspective through a poem or short story. Seriously, those young characters can give you new ideas your adult characters never would’ve. It’s a great way to get unstuck. Seth definitely helps me!

And it’s important to note that there are absolutely NO spoilers in this poem. I took special care with that, because I really didn’t want to give away any huge plot events. I want y’all to be surprised when TAS is finished. So there are no plot events in the poem that I haven’t already mentioned on the blog. No spoilers, like who dies, because I REALLY don’t wanna give that away!

Okay, enough intro. I’m inserting the poem as a PDF, because it’s nine pages long, and that’s a bit too long to just copy and paste it into a blog post.

So here’s the lovely poem I wanted to share with y’all! Just click right below to view it:

Congratulations scavenger hunters! You found the clue! Go to the next blog HERE! (And come back to read my poem, haha.)

If you read it, I really hope you enjoy it! Feel free to give me any feedback in the comments, if you’d like. I appreciate any feedback I can get on my character development or anything else you’d like to give feedback on. XD

So how’s everyone doing? How are your characters? (Maybe not too good…) Hope everyone’s writing is going absolutely superb! (Superb? That’s a cool word.)

Catch ya later!

You know the drill – eat, pray, write, repeat!


12 thoughts on “Love and Light – A TAS Poem by Joy Caroline

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  1. I absolutely LOVE poetry!!!!!!! And eeeekkkkkkk!!!!!!! It’s from Seth’s perspective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am EVEN MORE EXCITED TO READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since you first talked about Seth, I knew immediately that I loved that character! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
    My writing is going great! I wrote 6,000 words last week and I think that’s more than I’ve ever done. I’m actually getting really excited about my writing now.
    Oh, and I love the new changes!!!!!! So beautiful!!!!!! And your logo is gorgeous too!!!!!!!!


    1. I love poetry, too! And Seth is totally one of my favorite characters. He’s so awesome and he’s got some attitude. 😂
      6,000 words! That’s really, really good! That means you must write at least 1,000 per day, and that really is a big goal. I struggle to stick with my word count goals.
      Thank you!!


      1. Thank you!!! I struggle with word count goals too. It’s been a good long while since I wrote a lot and I was quite surprised at my accomplishment last week. So far this week I’ve written 75 words in my novel. I might put up a chapter or something on Critique Corner sometime. I don’t know, I’ve been thinking about it.


  2. Ooooh, this poem looks like it’ll be A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I LOVE all the new website designs!!!!! Can’t wait to read it! Oooh, superb! That is a REALLY COOL WORD!!!!! I’m gonna remember that one!!! It can come in handy! <33 Nothing really new to update on my writing. But I hope everything's going SUPERB with your writing!


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