Meet My MC – A Writers’ Linkup

Hey y’all! Today I have a super exciting post. I’m participating in Meet My MC. This is a fun writers’ linkup hosted by blogger Maya Joelle, and when I saw it, I knew I had to do it. I love a fun linkup! Be sure to participate if you’d like to, and definitely follow Maya’s blog!

Image Credit – Maya Joelle

So let’s start answering these questions! I’m going to be answering for the MC of my WIP, The Apostle’s Sister. If you’ve been around the blog for a while, I’m sure you know a lot about her already, LOL.

1. Introduce your MC. What’s their name? Age? Appearance? (Sharing collages/inspiration photos encouraged!)

Her name is Temira! And since it’s Bible times, that’s it for the name. Last names weren’t a thing back then. Everyone was called “son of” or “daughter of” or “of (place you were born).” So she would also be “Temira daughter of Enoch” or “Temira of Tarsus.” (That last one sounded quite strange, but you could call her that!)

Temira, for those of you who don’t know, is the sister of St. Paul the apostle. She’s seven years younger than her brother. So when the story begins, she’s 24 years old. And when the story ends, she’s 47 years old. So let’s just say she ages quite a bit (namely, 23 years)!

I don’t really describe Temira’s physical appearance in TAS, excepting a few brief mentions that other characters see her as being uncommonly beautiful. I picture her being small and petite, with soft brown eyes and coppery brown, curly hair that reaches to her feet. (Only she always has it tied up, since it was considered inappropriate for Jewish women to let their hair down, especially in the presence of men.)

LOL, sorry I am so bad at questions like these. I never have any pictures or anything to show. You’ll just have to be content with my description! XD

2. Explain how your MC fits into the plot of your book (as best you can without spoiling it all…).

So as I said before, Temira is St. Paul’s younger sister. Paul is the protagonist of the story, but everything is told through her eyes, so obviously she plays a very critical part in the plot.

I’ve talked a lot on the blog about how it would be totally out of character for the kind of person Paul was if he didn’t care about his own sister. She would not have been a marginal part of his life. I’ve also talked about how making his sister the narrator was the best decision I ever made for the book. It’s just even more powerful that way! It’s very poignant to write about the grief she felt at the pain he endured in his ministry. I have no doubt that the apostles’ families suffered greatly. They had to watch their loved one walk straight into a lion’s mouth, day after day.

Temira’s story always reminds me of that one part in the Bible when Mary and Joseph take the baby Jesus to be dedicated. And there’s this prophet named Simeon who speaks incredible words about Jesus’ future and the salvation he will bring to the world (Luke 2:27-34). But after all these awesome words come the blow to Mary. The prophet then says to her, “And a sword will pierce through your own soul also” (Luke 2:35). That definitely turned out to be true. Mary saw her son crucified (John 19:25).

In The Apostle’s Sister, I reference Luke 2:35 several times. I think they were so true, not only for Mary and for mothers. They were true for all the women who ever loved – mothers, wives, daughters, and certainly sisters. So Simeon’s haunting words would have applied to Temira, too, and she knows it. She sees Paul tortured, flogged, and imprisoned. I would tell you what she’s forced to go through in the end, but that would definitely be a spoiler. And, as the question said, I DO NOT want to spoil anything!

3. What’s the first thing your MC says in the story? The last? A random quote from the middle that you like?

This is my favorite question!

Do keep in mind, though, that these quotes are from the first draft (except for the very first one) so they may not be that great. I haven’t gotten far enough in my second draft to revise them. But here they are anyways!

Here’s Temira’s very first line from TAS:

“Stay back, Reuben!” she cried out as her small son wandered too close.

– Temira, The Apostle’s Sister (page 1)

LOL. I just realized how hilarious her first line is, when she’s terrified because her three-year-old keeps reaching out to touch the hot coals under the oven.

I promise the last thing she says is much more poignant! (I hope.) Here it is:

“You honor me beyond what I can bear, Luke,” Temira said chokingly… “If anyone has been loyal to Paul, it is you. You have stayed all these years, Luke. You have been there for Paul in his hardest moments.”

– Temira, The Apostle’s Sister (page 400)

Yeah, I think that last quote is MUCH more poignant. (Again, I hope!)

Here’s a random quote from the middle that’s one of my favorites from Temira. It’s not one of her most emotional, but it’s one of her hilarious fierce moments, and I love those too! They’re touching in their own way. (I hope!) This quote comes after another deaconess is subtly mocking Paul for working the humble trade of a tentmaker.

“Our Lord was a carpenter,” Temira pointed out with a lift of her chin.

– Temira, The Apostle’s Sister (page 206)

I thought her comeback was pretty witty! (Pretty witty? That sounds weird… haha.)

I’m going to share ANOTHER quote that’s definitely another of my favorite Temira moments. I couldn’t decide whether to include it or the one above, so why not just do both? I think this is one of the sweetest things she ever says to Paul. This quote occurs during the conversation she has with him the day after he was almost scourged to death by Roman soldiers:

“Paul, never, never will I be ashamed or humiliated of the Lord Jesus or of you. Yesterday I had more cause to be proud than other sisters have in their lives.”

– Temira, The Apostle’s Sister (page 191)

Would you tell your brother you were proud of him after he was given a criminal’s punishment? Temira did.

4. Which other character would die for your MC?

Paul would die for her any day, of course. And so would her two sons. And St. Luke, definitely. But honestly, I feel like all my main characters would be more than willing to die for one another no matter what. Because that’s what following Christ is all about. Being willing to sacrifice yourself to rescue someone else. That’s what Jesus did on the cross, after all!

5. Would your MC die for them?

Of course!

6. Have any major details about your MC changed since you first created them?

I don’t believe so. I strictly outline everything before I write a word in the manuscript. I find that authors who prefer pantsing are more prone to making drastic changes to their MCs once they see they’ve come to a dead end. Because I outline, when I start the actual writing I already know my MC so well that all the major details are already set in place.

7. What characters (from books/movies not by you) remind you of your MC? Why?

*mind going blank*

*groping for words*

*heading to my bookshelf*

*racking my brains for what to respond to this question*

*texting my friends to see if they have ideas*

*mind still going blank*

*still groping for words*

*heading back to my bookshelf…*

Okay, I’ll stop this cycle.

Short answer: I’ve got no idea! 😂

If Temira reminds you guys of any characters from other books/movies, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

8. Share your MC’s favorites!
[color, food, type of clothing, place, type of music, season, smell, etc.]

Temira’s favorite color would be green, I think. I have no idea why. I just think it would be green. She strikes me as a person who would love green. Maybe it’s because green is a really nice earth color that really reminds me of God’s natural creations. I think it’s a beautiful color. I think Temira would share that philosophy.

Temira doesn’t give much thought to food, except for praying that they will have enough. Paul’s family is very poor since apostles definitely don’t get paid for anything they do. So she’s content with the worst food, because she’s thankful to God that he keeps them from going hungry. She knows Paul often starves himself, so food is rare and precious and a gift from God.

She wears simple clothes, of course – the kinds of wraps and head coverings that were worn by women in those days. Her clothes are very poor and torn, because again, there’s not a lot of money in an apostle’s family. So it’s the same thing with the food – she’s just grateful that they have clothes to wear, especially since she knows Paul often travels cold and exposed.

I think Temira’s favorite place would be by the shore, looking out over a sparkling body of water. She loves peaceful nature like seas, rivers, sunsets, etc. And for music, she has fond memories of Paul playing the lyre for her when they were little. So she always loves the simple, soft sound of a lyre or a harp strumming. She loves to sing the psalms and other songs that praise Yahweh.

Her favorite season is definitely spring, because everything is blooming and green! As I said before, she loves nature, so she loves lilies and doves with their nests. So her favorite smell would probably be the salty smell of the sea, the delicate smell of flowers, anything like that.

9. If your MC wasn’t involved in your story, what would they be doing? (Basically: what’s their dream life? Where do they want to live, what do they want to do?)

I can’t imagine Temira not being involved in the story. If she wasn’t, the only place I can even conceive of her being would just be in her hometown Tarsus, living the hamster-wheel life of most Jewish women back then. She would visit Jerusalem every year for Passover, as was Jewish tradition. It would be heartbreaking if she wasn’t in the story, because if she wasn’t, she would die not knowing God. (Ow, that gets me in the heart!)

So let’s be grateful that Paul was the kind of person who would never forget to bring his sister into Christ’s story.

10. Share a fun extra (another collage, a playlist, a scene from the story, a drawing, etc.).

I shared the full playlist for The Apostle’s Sister in this blog post, so go check that out if you’d like to give the playlist a listen!

And if you’d like to read some snippets from TAS, you can check out Part Two and Part Three of Know the Novel. I’m so sorry, but as of right now I’m kind of keeping the pages of TAS secret! I probably won’t be sharing any more snippets for a while, because in this second draft pretty much every scene is getting a huge makeover, and I don’t know what may be subject to change.

Aaaaand… *drum roll*

My amazing friend Issabelle from Teen Writers’ Nook made some beautiful graphics for TAS and sent them over to me! I loved them, and now is a perfect opportunity to share them with all of you. A huge thanks to Issabelle for her creativity!

So, here are her awesome creations!

All the images fit the story so perfectly! Thanks again, Issa!!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’ll see you all on Thursday! Feel free to comment, too! I love hearing from everyone! How’s your writing going? Any exciting updates?

You know the drill – eat, pray, write, repeat!


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  1. Awesome !! I really like temira!! She seems really amazing!!
    As for my writing… My WIP is getting there. I just finished a different story today though and I am really proud of if .I
    Also good job on Issabelle on those graphics!! Do you have a app to make those? because I would love to try making some!


  2. I really enjoyed reading about Temira!!!!!!!!!❤️ She’s an amazing character!!!!!!! I love the quotes you chose to share, especially the one where Temira says, “Our Lord was a carpenter”!!! For characters that remind me of Temira . . . I thought about it for a moment, so how about Anna from Frozen? Anna would do anything for Elsa and in the first movie she technically sacrificed herself for Elsa.
    The graphics that Issabelle made are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t have any updates on my writing yet except for that fact that I’m going to go write after I finish this comment. 😉 How about you? How is your writing coming along?


    1. Yay! Haha, I loved that quote. I thought Temira had such a good comeback there 😂
      Ooh, nice! I never thought about that before, but it’s actually so true! Anna is really loyal to people she loves, and that’s totally one of Temira’s traits. True, ’cause Anna thought she was gonna die.
      They are! Issabelle’s so talented at that stuff.
      You go with your writing girl! As for my writing, I actually have an exciting announcement to make next week. *zipping lips*


      1. Yes, it was an excellent comeback!😂😂
        Thank you!!!!! Ooooh, an exciting announcement?!?!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumping up and down* *and continues jumping up and down until next week* XD How is the no sweet thing coming along? So far I haven’t eaten anything sweet, but I did hide a York peppermint pattie so my family wouldn’t eat it and I could eat it when this is over. (Wow, that was a long sentence. 😂) On the bright side, I have currently written 184 words in my WIP.


        1. Glad you’re excited for the big post next week!!
          Oh, my parents literally JUST said, “Dessert!” and I was sooooo tempted to eat just one cookie. (Just one… *pleading eyes*) But I stood strong. I shall not touch even one cookie until I am DONE with my draft! I’ve been struggling with procrastination lately, so this should help.


          1. *high-fives for standing strong* We can do this! I feel ya – I always procrastinate writing. I hope this helps you though. 🙂 I’ve never completed a novel before, but I really want to so that’s why I came up with the crazy plan. This no sweet thing is soooo hard, but so far it’s really helping me.


            1. You go girl! I’m totally cheering you on. And by the way, I recommend giving yourself freedom to make a total mess of that first draft. The first draft of TAS is something I don’t ever want anyone to see 😂
              I know, it is SO hard. And actually, I went a step further and eliminated ranch on my salad and pineapples on my pizza. *crying* I even gave my mom my phone and she changed my Netflix password so I can’t get in 😭


              1. Thank you so much!!!!!!! Will do.👍 I will write sloppy and fast so I can eat sweets again. I feel ya – my first drafts of things are terrible.😂 But editing makes them better. I guess the important thing is that we get those words down on the page.
                That is amazing that you took it a step further! I love ranch and pineapples! *crying with you* I decided to give up sugary drinks, like lemonade, so I’m having to drink more water instead. (I realized I forgot how good water tastes.😂) That is amazing that you gave up Netfix too! I will cut down my srceen time as well.😭 Now we shall complete our drafts! For everything we are giving up! *pumps fist in the air*
                Would it be alright if I tell you how my progress is going through comments here on your blog?


              2. Yes, now we shall complete our drafts! I’m seriously amazed at everything we’re giving up. Plus I’m really happy to hear there’s someone who loves pineapples as much as I do!
                Of course you can give progress updates! I’ll keep you up to speed on how I’m doing, too, so we can keep tabs on each other. Time to FINALLY finish our drafts!!!


              3. I’m so amazed too! 🙂 🙂
                Thank you so much!!!!! Giving updates helps motivate me to write more. Awesome!!!!! Yes, time to finish our drafts!!!!!


  3. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME post!!!!! I knew I’d like reading your answers to these questions!!!!!!! I JUST LOVE TEMIRA!!!! She’s soooooo awesome!!!! (After that one statement you made, though, I’m starting to worry about what you’re gonna do to her at the end.) YESS!!! I’m SOOO HAPPY you loved those graphics I made for TAS!!!!!!!! I was sooo worried you wouldn’t like them!!!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!!!!! This post was tons of fun to read through! Can’t wait for the next one!!!!!!! <33


      1. AAAHHH, GIRL!!!! You’re killing me over here with all the suspense!! *crossing fingers I’ll get the next few chapters to read soon* You’re TOTALLY welcome, girl!!!!!!!!!


  4. I know you don’t know me, but I also participated in Maya’s linkup, so I’m zipping around looking at what everyone else did. 😄 I just wanted to say that Temira seems like a really neat character, and her story sounds so interesting, too (I love Biblical fiction)! 😊


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