Introducing A Featured Series – Teen Faith Study Group

And… we’re diving right in!

Today I am introducing a featured series coming to you here on the blog – Teen Faith Study Group.

I’m getting skilled at Canva! (If I do say so myself.)

This week is the week to introduce new series. On Sunday I introduced Story Sundays, and today I’m introducing Teen Faith Study Group. I hope everyone enjoys both new series, but I promise next week you’ll be getting actual posts again instead of just introductions!

Perhaps some of you have noticed this already, but if you haven’t: Scroll to the top and you’ll see the new page added to this site – the one entitled Teen Faith Study Group.

So, what is Teen Faith Study Group?

The other day I was thinking how there aren’t many biblical and theological study groups out there specifically for teenagers. One of my adult friends even mentioned to me how she wishes she could have had something like that when she was a teen. Like, discussions about topics teens would relate to. Discussions that they would actually be interested to participate in. So then an awesome idea presented itself to my head! That did not sound weird, y’all. I thought:

Why don’t I create one?

Well, why not? So I decided to create one and make it a main feature on my site. The study group is specifically for teens, and I decided the best way to make it interesting would be to let teens ask the questions and discuss them together!

This is how it will work (I’m just gonna copy and paste from the Teen Faith Study Group page):

As teens, we have lots of questions! And oftentimes we get confusing answers, or we’re afraid to ask at all. What can you do if you’re wondering something about the Bible, and you wish someone could understand? Here’s your opportunity to ask a fellow teen!

In this featured series, I answer questions about theology, biblical doctrine, and living a godly life for Christ. I invite all questions, and it’s all from the perspective of a teen. (You are, of course, welcome to ask questions about my Seventh-Day Adventist denomination. You can also submit prayer requests!)

My mission for this series is to provide a nonjudgmental, thought-provoking study group for discussing questions that all teens have. Through TFSG, I pray we will learn together what it means to follow Jesus.

When you submit a Teen Faith Question, I will dedicate an entire blog post to examining and discussing what the Bible says about it. You will remain anonymous unless you request to be named.

So that’s Teen Faith Study Group! I really hope you guys are as excited about this new feature as I am. Head over to the TFSG page to submit a question if you’d like to do that. Remember, you are always welcome to submit a question at any time! I wanted to have this study group on the blog so that it’s always available to you guys.

You know the drill – eat, pray, write, repeat!


10 thoughts on “Introducing A Featured Series – Teen Faith Study Group

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  1. JOY! This is fantastic! I absolutely LOVE this and I can’t wait to see where it goes!! (And, yes, you are getting very skilled at Canva!)


  2. Ooooh, this is an AWESOME idea, Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see what kinds of questions teens will submit, and, of course, if/when I have some questions, I’ll totally go and send in some myself. (And, yes, you’re getting AMAZING with Canva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  3. That is such a COOL idea, JC!!!!!!!!!!!!😀 I think it is totally awesome that when you got the idea you were able to create it (hopefully that made sense)! I love that it is a study group!!!!!! And yes, you are FANTABULOUS with Canva!!!!!!!💗


  4. AAHHHH!!!!! This is SOOO cool, Joy! I can’t wait to see where it goes and even submit questions myself (if I have any)! 😉 I’m so glad God gave you this idea and that you decided to go through with it! 😀 Keep living for Him, girl!


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