When Calls the Heart – My Predictions for Season 8

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Okay, so I know there are a lot of posts going up this week. I hope everyone enjoyed the two guest posts, and then there was, of course, Story Sunday. I had originally planned that would be all for this week.

But to be honest, I just felt like writing a spontaneous fun post. I’ve been somewhat stressed about some tough classes I’m taking in school, and also trying to balance that with writing. So I decided to write a fun post just crazy-fangirling about my favorite show! I hope it provides you a well-deserved break from homework or writing or whatever you’re doing. Or if you’d prefer to keep working… more power to you! XD

But for those of you who might be ready for a small break, as I am, I really hope you enjoy reading this super fun post.

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If you don’t know, I am absolutely obsessed with Hallmark’s show When Calls the Heart. It’s literally my favorite show of all time. I’ve seen every episode in every season, and I binge watch when I’m tired and need a break. I love it because it teaches good, wholesome morals and values about family, friends, love, redemption, and all that great stuff. The characters are compelling; all have complex backstories, motivations, and histories! The storylines are EPIC! I have a serious emotional connection to the characters, it’s not even funny.

Right now is an exciting time for the Hearties, because it’s release time for Season 8! The first three episodes have been released, and I’m currently waiting anxiously for the fourth one. Seriously. The cliffhangers are just. Too. Cruel. Why, Hallmark?? *crying* WHYYY? The suspense is so hard to stand!

Things are really getting intense in Hope Valley. There’s SO much going on, and I just wanted to get on here and rant to you guys about all my crazy predictions for Season 8!

So let’s just get started with my craziness, shall we?! (Unless that ship sailed long ago, as I strongly suspect… thank y’all for putting up with me!) I’m gonna talk about the smaller storylines first, before moving up to the bigger stuff.

1. Rosemary and Lee becoming parents.

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Ugh, I absolutely love Rosemary and Lee SO MUCH!! Can we talk about how they are literally couple goals? *sighs romantically and a bit dramatically* They’re my favorite characters from WCTH, which says a lot since it’s so hard to choose! (Nathan and Allie would be the runners-up.)

Rosemary and Lee are awesome together. Their banter is just hilarious. They make me laugh the most (with Bill being the runner-up for that place). I’ve loved them ever since they met alllll the way back in Season 2. Well, to be honest, I did not like Rosemary that much when she first came to Hope Valley (at first I thought she was annoying, but that soon changed, lol). But I loved Lee immediately, and as soon as he and Rosemary locked eyes the sparks flew! It was obvious he was sweet on her. When Lee came into her life that’s when I started loving Rosemary. He’s just so patient and kind and completes her. *another romantic, dramatic sigh* Anyway, their courtship was sweet and hilarious, just like their engagement, and then their marriage from the wedding episode (S3E9) onward. It was SO funny when they joined forces to beat Gowen at poker! They’re both lovable individually, but together they’re AMAAAZING.

But anyway… I’m here to talk about Season 8. Here I’ve gone on and on about my longstanding love for the best Hallmark couple ever… for this huge long paragraph. *straightens my shoulders and focuses on what I’m supposed to be talking about*

During Season 6, we saw a serious side of Rosemary and Lee’s usually comic relationship. In that season it’s discovered that Rosemary is unable to have children, although she and Lee desperately want them. Rosemary goes to Carson, who advises her to talk with her husband. Although it’s a struggle, she eventually does and they work through the hardship together. The longing for children is still there in Season 7, although we see that Rosemary and Lee are coping with it.

Here’s the thing. I love the storyline about the Coulters’ infertility. Because first of all, it’s something that a lot of people can relate to, and provides them with comfort knowing they’re not alone. And second, because it was different and moving to see the Coulters have those vulnerable moments with one another instead of their usual comedy. But I really want them to have children! I think they would just be great parents. I would love to see Rosemary and Lee adopt a child from Lillian and Grace’s orphanage. Then after we get an adoption storyline, it would be great to see Rosemary pregnant. I really hope the Coulters get to be parents in Season 8!

2. Carson and Faith on the rocks? (plus the Flynn newlyweds)

Highlights - A Very Public Display of Affection - When Calls the Heart
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Carson and Faith, otherwise known as Team Infirmary, are left in a tough spot in S8E3. Faith feels Carson is ignoring her and not taking her advice seriously in their work together, just as she was treated in Chicago. Carson disagrees and practically says he has NO IDEA what “problems” she is talking about…

Honestly, I’m not very worried over Team Infirmary right now. I think their problems are just normal things that couples experience and have to work through. I think they’ll be fine and not have any big issues in Season 8, other than small misunderstandings. I mean, Faith and Clara (who was upset over Jesse’s buying Lee’s motorcycle without asking) talked over their man troubles and the situation turned comedic.

Extended Preview - Family Matters - When Calls the Heart - YouTube
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Speaking of Clara and Jesse Flynn, I think Season 8 is going to be exploring the troubles and triumphs of being a newly-wedded couple. I don’t think there will be much about Clara and Jesse having children yet or anything, I think this season will just be them working through everything and learning to lean on each other.

3. A love interest for Bill?

Highlights - Bill Has a Fan - When Calls the Heart | When Calls the Heart
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So far in Season 8, there have been a couple hints dropped about Bill getting a love interest. There was that hilarious part in Episode 2 when Florence and Molly (otherwise known as FloMo) see Bill at the saloon with Lucas’s mother. In that scene (pictured above) there was a LOL confrontation between Molly and Bill. Subsequently there have been hints about a new Hope Valley ship involving the two of them. Like when Molly says, “He doesn’t have a wife yet,” followed by an insistent, “I’m KIDDING!”

I don’t know if this is just me, but the idea of Bill having a love interest is a strange one. I feel like Bill is just everyone’s dad in a way, LOL. It’s weird to think of him having a romantic relationship, and I really don’t think he’ll ever be shipped with anyone.

Of course, he’s no stranger to charm. There was that brief, weird thing with Abigail all the way back in Season 1, before Bill’s ex-wife Nora showed up. Then there was the entire scandal with Nora and Gowen. And after that was finally over, there was Silas Ramsey’s widow, Dottie – which lasted only about one episode. THEN there was the convict AJ Foster.

Long story short, a gun-wielding-former-Mountie-turned-judge is clearly attractive in Hope Valley. ๐Ÿ˜‚ But I think Bill is sort of doomed to be the town bachelor, who – besides being the judge – employs himself in discovering who sent Elizabeth flowers, helping a very upset Nathan compulsively chop wood, buying presents for baby Jack, and being overly suspicious of strangers. XD And I really like all this about him.

(Can we also talk about how his catchphrase is, “Care to elaborate?” For some reason that is just so funny!)

Anyway, I’ll be very surprised if Bill is actually given a serious love interest this season.

4. I’ve saved the best for last! The biggest question of all… Will Elizabeth choose Nathan or Lucas??!!!

Extended Preview - Surprise - When Calls the Heart
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This epic love triangle has been going on since Season 6. Lucas Bouchard, the new saloon owner (whom Bill was obviously suspicious of), was introduced first. Then, a couple of episodes later, Constable Nathan Grant came to Hope Valley as the new Mountie installed after Jack’s death.

I’m just gonna say it right off: I am #TeamNathan ALL THE WAY. I always have been. And since I like lists, I’m gonna list my reasons!

1. I loved Nathan from the moment he came on the show. Nathan is very quiet and introverted, not really interested in talking to anyone. He keeps to himself. And I relate to that because, believe it or not, I’m 65% introverted and often just want to be alone. So I have that connection with Nathan. He’s awkward and aloof, which is very relatable, but none of his “loner” tendencies are attributed to unfriendliness or hostility. He really cares about the people of Hope Valley. He’s soft-spoken and gentle, and to me that’s a real man! XD Not to mention that his first scene on the show was EPIC when he intercepted a brawl at the saloon and was punched in the face by Jesse. A truly iconic moment!

On the other hand, I wasn’t fond of Lucas at all when he first came on the show. And obviously, that can change (as in Rosemary’s case), but not with Lucas. He seems snobby and abrupt to me. I know the “worldly” aspect of his character is appealing to Elizabeth, but I just don’t think he’s the right choice. His character just isn’t anywhere near the nobility of Nathan’s.

2. Nathan and Allie’s uncle/niece relationship is so sweet and tender. I absolutely adore the love with which Nathan brings up and protects his niece. He tries his best to understand her, despite the fact that clearly he knows nothing about girls, LOL. He’s a great parent to her and I think he would be a great parent to Little Jack as well. Clearly he already has love for Little Jack as well as for Elizabeth. And Allie and Jack would make a cool pair of siblings.

3. Nathan evokes true emotion in Elizabeth, while Lucas only gives her material things. I’ve heard other Hearties say they would prefer Lucas because he is supportive of Elizabeth’s writing and has helped her land a publishing contract, with his mother as editor. But Nathan is obviously supportive of and loves everything that Elizabeth does, first of all. He is interested in all parts of her, not just her ambitions. And it’s obvious that Elizabeth really feels secure with Nathan. Lucas, on the other hand, seems only focused on the material things: The publishing contract and the grand gestures he always does for Elizabeth. (Such as the elaborate 1,000-candle dinner.)

4. Nathan is a Mountie. The show is based off Janette Oke’s novel of the same name, which is a romance about a schoolteacher and a Mountie. That was the whole premise of WCTH. I just love to see how Elizabeth copes, knowing that her husband has a very dangerous job that could take him away from her any day. (As she already learned, very painfully, with Jack.) It’s such an interesting part of the show. I feel that putting her with a saloon keeper wouldn’t be quite so interesting. By pairing her with another Mountie, the show continues to honor Oke and her book which inspired the whole thing.

So that’s my list of reasons why I am #TeamNathan! And I’m really predicting, right here and now, that Elizabeth will make the wise choice and choose Nathan this season. I mean, after their moments together, especially the epic Season 7 finale, how could she NOT choose him?

And now… my predictions about Nathan’s past. So I guess #4 wasn’t the last… haha.

5. Why is Nathan so withdrawn? What is he hiding?

There’s definitely something about Nathan’s withdrawn, aloof character that makes us wonder what made him that way. Honestly, to me Nathan seemed depressed the moment he stepped foot into the show. That impression of him grew more and more as I watched each episode of the show.

Nathan’s life in review: Basically, as a child he witnessed his father’s cruelty to his mother. He and his sister grew up neglected; their father went to jail for multiple serious offenses. Then his sister died when Allie was four years old, and Nathan took her to raise. Allie’s father was neglectful and abusive. He actually appears on the show and attempts to seriously hurt Nathan and blackmail him. Thankfully he failed, but I think it’s needless to say that Nathan’s life hasn’t been the happiest one. Which could explain why he doesn’t really have any close friends (aside from Bill who looks after him).

Actor Kevin McGarry dropped a hint in this interview that Nathan has heartbreak in his life he hasn’t told anyone about. And quote: that it’s not the heartbreak we’re thinking of. I’m assuming that means no romantic heartbreak. Nathan definitely has something traumatizing in his past that’s keeping him from connecting with Elizabeth.

Well, then what is that something?

I have a couple theories. Of course, I have no idea if any of them are right, LOL. But it’s a little attempt. We’ll see if any of my theories prove correct as Season 8 progresses!

Theory #1: It has something to do with Nathan’s sister. Obviously Nathan had a very close relationship with his sister, Allie’s mother. And we know that she died. Perhaps Nathan watched his sister die in some horrible way?

Theory #2: It has something to do with Jack. I know that a lot of other Hearties share this theory. When Nathan first came on the show, he told everyone he had never known Jack Thornton, Elizabeth’s late husband who died on the job. But I, along with many other Hearties, am beginning to think that Nathan did know Jack and didn’t want to tell anyone that. Perhaps because everyone in Hope Valley was clearly great friends with Jack, and Jack’s widow lived there? Or maybe just because he didn’t want to talk about it, because of pain or for whatever reason. Some have speculated that Nathan may have been among the group of Mounties that Jack rescued while sacrificing his own life. While that’s plausible, I somehow don’t think that’s it. There’s another speculation that Nathan turned down the job which Jack accepted, and which resulted in his untimely death. Thus Nathan is dealing with the guilt of feeling responsible for Jack’s death and the heartbreak of a widow. That’s also plausible, but somehow I don’t think that will be it either. I really don’t know. My main guess is that Nathan definitely saw Jack die. Maybe he tried to save Jack’s life and failed? Either way, it would certainly be interesting if it turned out that Nathan did know Jack.

I know this is a controversial thing I’m about to say, and many Hearties would likely disagree with me about it. But if I’m being honest, I really don’t regret that Jack Thornton was killed off when Daniel Lissing left WCTH. Of course, I loved his character, and I loved him and Elizabeth as a couple. I cried BUCKETS of tears while watching the Season 5 finale, when he dies. While that was undoubtedly very sad, if he hadn’t died the show wouldn’t be what it is now. So I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. (If you know what I mean.) I’ve greatly enjoyed the love triangle, and I can’t wait to see Elizabeth end up with Nathan! (I’m confident, y’all.)

If you watch the show, are you on Team Nathan or Team Lucas? I would love to hear your thoughts on that!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

This was SUCH a fun post for me to write! I hope you liked reading it, even if you don’t watch WCTH. And if you don’t, I hope this post convinced you to become a Heartie! Because trust me, this show is THE BEST!

Make sure to tell me your thoughts in the comments below. I would also love to hear how everyone’s week has gone!

You know the drill – eat, pray, write, repeat!


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  1. Hi, JC! Wow, you’ve been busy!! I’ve been meaning to read your guest posts, so after I comment real quick here I’ll head over and check them out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That’s awesome that you like When Calls the Heart!! It’s one of my family’s favorite Hallmark shows!! I love your predictions–and honestly, I agree with most of them. Rosemary and Lee are my absolute FAVORITE!!! I didn’t really like Rosemary all that much when she first joined the show (but that was probably what they were going for), but now I like her even more than Elizabeth. XD And her and Lee are just…. the best couple ever in the show. XD

    Honestly, I feel like Bill is sort of filling in that father figure for a lot of the characters, especially for the younger ladies, like Claire and Elizabeth, so I do think that it’s likely that he’ll just end up not marrying anyone since I feel like Molly would sort of dilute the wisdom he imparts on some of the characters. But then again, maybe that’d give Molly a better chance to be a mentor to some of them. I guess we’ll just have to find out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And for Elizabeth…. my family and I have been shipping Lucas from the very beginning. XD But after last week’s episode, and after reading your points on it….. I’m starting to reconsider Nathan. The main reason my family and I were for Lucas was because Nathan was so awkward and kinda mean to Elizabeth for a while. But…. then Lucas did something in that last episode (that I won’t spoil for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet)… and I guess we’ll just have to find out how the season turns out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This was a great post!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this awesome show!!! I loved reading your opinions and seeing a fellow fan (Heartie ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) enjoy the show as much as my family and I do!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hi, Allie! *waves* Great to see ya!

      YAY FELLOW HEARTIE!!! *coughs* I’m just crazy about this kind of stuff. I didn’t really like Rosemary either when she first came on, but now I definitely love her even more than Elizabeth. And looking back, I think when Rosemary first came on the show her character was just kind of immature, but she was just following her heart. Now she channels her energy in much more positive ways. XD Her and Lee are THE BEST!!

      I agree, I think Bill really is a father figure and I can’t really see him being shipped seriously with anyone. Though if there does end up being something with the Molly thing, I wouldn’t be opposed. It will interesting to see how that all plays out.

      LOL! I feel like Nathan is just socially awkward. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚ And at first, it did seem like a little bit of rudeness but it’s just because he has NO idea how to talk to women, LOL. Lucas is definitely more smooth. But yes, I get what you’re talking about. Personally I think Lucas and Fiona would make a fiery couple.

      Thank you! Ahhh, I LOVE chatting with a fellow Heartie!!


      1. *waves back* Great to see you, too!! ๐Ÿ˜€

        Yess!!! Yeah, I think you’re right about that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know, right?!?!

        Yeah, I wouldn’t be opposed, either, I’m just not sure if it’s really true to his character to be shipped with Molly. I feel like him and Abigail would have been a great couple, but the chances of that happening sort of fell apart after Abigail left the show. XD

        Yeah, I think that’s part of it, though for a while it came across as poor acting for me. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚ Oooh, Lucas and Fiona would be an interesting pair!! Although it looks like they’re shipping Fiona with that one guy…. whom I currently forget the name of at the moment lol.

        You’re welcome!!! Same!!! This was so fun!!!


        1. LOL yeah, I 100% get what you mean! I’m not sure if Bill would really like Molly in that way, he’s only amused (and mildly flattered) by her fangirling over him. XDD I actually really wanted him and Abigail to reconcile and get together after the whole Nora fiasco. But it turned out they were meant to be just friends, and I was cool with that. I was glad they became good friends. Disappointing that Abigail left, for sure.

          Hahaha, I think I relate to Nathan so much BECAUSE of his social awkwardness! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Honestly, I feel like they’ve been shipping Fiona with a few different guys. There’s Mike Hickam (I mean, that hilarious seen when Fiona almost cut off his ear!). Then there’s that Kevin guy, but I think that’s mostly been dropped.

          Yayy! It was such fun!


  2. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Girl, GIRL, THIS POST WAS PURE GOLD!!!! I am a HUGE Heartie and EVERYTHING you said here was like SO TRUE and I 100% AGREE WITH IT!!!

    Okay, first, Imma gonna lay down the groundwork of this comment (which is probably gonna be VERY long, so buckle up!) XD and say #TeamNathan FOR THE WIN!!!!! Everything you said about him and Lucas actually sorted out my thoughts on them better ’cause I didn’t really know WHY I liked Nathan more, but now I can TOTALLY see that it’s because Nathan actually understands Elizabeth and Lucas is only trying to attract her with material things. And, uh, Lucas’ ignorance to what Elizabeth has gone through was ABSOLUTELY confirmed with that horrible (as Elizabeth said, “CRUEL”) thing he told her at the end of ep. 4. Like, DID YOU NOT JUST WANT TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE?!?!?!? I was SO seething mad at that and just….GAH! *makes angry humphy noises* XD But also I TOTALLY agree with your theories about Nathan and Jack! I don’t think he was one of the mounties that Jack saved (’cause for one, I think, if I remember correctly, they said that Jack saved young mounties who were in training). BUT I was speculating (this is probably totally wrong and it’s kinda a wild guess), but I thought, what if that weird blonde mountie that Nathan isn’t on good terms with had something to do with Jack’s death? What if Nathan knew the mountie was somehow connected to Jack dying, and the mountie ordered him not to tell anyone, which is why Nathan lied to Elizabeth and stuff? Like I said, it’s pretty far out, but it was just an idea that might help pull the plot together on why the mountie and Nathan don’t like each other. XD

    Now for Bill. (I think I’m going backwards on your list here!) XD I definitely think Bill should stay a bachelor. He just doesn’t seem like the kinda of guy who should settle down and all. BUT I do think it’s kinda cute how Molly likes him! XD Also, what do you think of that little spark between Florence and Ned? I have a feeling Hallmark might grow on that seeing how Florence and Ned have been single for all the seasons, but then again, they might not. *shrugs* XD The other night my sisters and I started coming up with ship names for WCTH characters (which, I had NO idea how hard it was to make a ship name for Elizabeth! XD Her name is just so long and stuff!) and for Bill and Molly we came up with BillMo (which cracked us up ’cause it’s so close to Bilbo from the Hobbit) ๐Ÿ˜‰ and FloNed for Florence and Ned. Then out of pure silliness, we came up with MotorJesse since Jesse loves his motorcycle so much OR Messy. (Which isn’t really spelled right for a ship name, but still). XD Also, we never found out what happened to Jesse after his motorcycle ran out of gas! I guess the poor guy had to walk it back to town! XD

    Last but not least, ROSIE AND LEE!!!!!!!!! And YEEESSSS they are by far my favorite couple in WCTH too! Those two are just so funny, yet at the same time, I love how we get to see them act like a real married couple and having to work out their problems together (e.g. Lee’s poor chair). XD

    Soooo, yeah, I guess I’ll wrap this monster comment up! Sorry it’s so long, but when I found out you were a WCTH fan I got SO EXCITED and just had to fangirl with someone!!! Oh, and one last question, what did you think when Lucas considered shaving off his beard? XD I was SO glad he was getting it trimmed up, but when Fiona asked if he wanted it ALL off, I kinda got worried. ‘Cause, I mean, most guys look great without beards, but there are some who just don’t look right without one. You know? XD Anyway, like I kinda said earlier, this post was SOOO FUN to read and it has overall brightened my day so much!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ โค


    1. THIS COMMENT IS PURE GOLD!!!! *screaming with you* AH MY GOODNESS, I just LOVE chatting with a fellow Heartie! Bring on the long comments and the crazy, crazy theories! And, of course, the ships. XD

      YES! #TeamNathan!! I just liked Nathan a whole lot more from the start, even though he’s kinda socially awkward. His personality is just kinda cute, and he is SO perfect to Elizabeth. I don’t think Lucas truly loves her that way, you put it perfectly, he’s just trying to attract her with material things. But that can never measure up to true emotion in the end and I think Elizabeth will realize that. I also completely agree that Lucas has never seemed sensitive to what Elizabeth went through with Jack’s death and all. YESSS!! I TOTALLY felt like punching him at that moment!!! Like, she ABSOLUTELY CANNOT choose him after THAT. Yeesh. It was sooooooo cruel!!

      Yeah, I totally feel there is something going on with Nathan and Jack. But now that I think about it, you’re right, I had forgotten that detail. I think it was a Mountie training camp that Jack died at, and Nathan is an experienced Mountie, so yeah. But I do think there’s some connection between Nathan and Jack.

      AH MY GOODNESS, GIRL, I HAD SERIOUSLY NEVER CONSIDERED THAT!! You are getting me so excited now. It is pretty crazy, BUT it is likely! That blonde Mountie really might have something to do with Jack’s death. It would definitely explain the distance between Nathan and Elizabeth, and why no one is willing to tell her anything about the upcoming hearing. AND it would definitely explain why Nathan and the Mountie don’t like each other. So many possibilities! AHH!!

      I agree again!! Bill seems just like the town dad to me. XD But the Molly storyline is cute and if they did get together, it’d be interesting. I wouldn’t be opposed. Ooh, Florence and Ned! I thiiink Hallmark might take that somewhere – I definitely think Florence has a lot in store for her this season. But maybe it will just turn out to be a friendship? Not sure. It would be interesting though. I KNOW RIGHT?! It is so hard to make a good ship name for Elizabeth! Haha, I LOVE BillMo and FloNed. I heard another ship name for Molly/Bill going around was MoB. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Ahh, Jesse and the motorcycle. I think Clara is jealous of it! She was probably happy when it broke down on him!

      YESSS! Rosie and Lee are the ABSOLUTE BEST! The part with the chair was hilarious and yet kinda sad at the same time. Rosie’s surprise for him afterward was SO sweet.

      No prob! You have NO idea how much I LOVED reading this comment! I am a crazy fangirl when it comes to this show. I’m SOOOO glad you’re a Heartie, too! And about Lucas’s beard… I think he should keep it on. He just wouldn’t look right without it. Yeah, some guys need to keep the beard.

      I’m SO glad you enjoyed this post! I LOVE talking with you!! *high-fives a fellow Heartie*


  3. Rosemary and Lee are my favorites! Their character arcs have progressed so wonderfully, and they’re just adorable. It’s hilarious to watch them interact. Lee is so patient and has listening to Rosemary down-pat, and Rosemary’s vivaciousness just highlights the chemistry between them. I so want them to have a baby, and I think that could be tied in with the orphanage in When Hope Calls.

    Honestly, I never cared much for Faith. She was fine in the beginning, but over the series’ course, she’s gotten on my nerves. Jesse and Clara are another fun couple (my little sister has a crush on Jesse, so it’s fun teasing her about him), and I’ve enjoyed watching their relationship progress.

    BWAHAHA! It’d be hilarious if Bill had a love interest. He’s so cranky and such a curmudgeon, yet we’ve seen his gentle side emerge with Clara asking him to escort her at her wedding and his interactions with Baby Jack. To see him try figuring out what on earth love is would be quite amusing.

    Yes! I want Elizabeth to choose Nathan as well. And I definitely think he has some secrets, and it’ll be tense until they all are revealed. Lucas is fine (he has secrets as well and strikes me as a tad shifty)…but he’s not the one for Elizabeth. Plus, we know Nathan’s great with kids due to his and Ally’s relationship.

    Great post! It’s fun to gab about things like this with like-minded fangirls.


    1. Yesss! Rosemary and Lee are just DA BEST. They were hilarious together as soon as they met. I just love how understanding Lee is, and how fierce Rosemary is in all her loves. That would be EPIC if there was a cross-over episode between WCTH and WHC where the Coulters adopted a baby from the orphanage! I REALLLY want them to have a baby as well.

      I think there are a lot of mixed views on Team Infirmary. Some Hearties think Carson and Faith don’t have enough chemistry. As soon as we found out Carson was a doctor I immediately predicted he would be with Faith, and yeah… they’re not as colorful as some other WCTH couples. Jesse and Clara are awesome! LOL!!

      I KNOW!!! Bill is so unemotional and has such a dry humor, and it’s hilarious! That also makes it extra sweet when we get those moments that show what a tender heart he does have. LOL!! That’s an excellent way of putting it, he has literally NO idea what mushy “true love” is!

      #TeamNathan FOR THE WIN!!! *virtual high-five* It’s definitely intense while Nathan’s secrets remain hidden, but I feel like it’ll be even more intense when they’re revealed. Totally agree – Lucas does strike me as a tad shifty. Nathan HAS to end up with Elizabeth!

      Yesss, fellow Heartie!! Eeep!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚ #TeamLucas? That’s totally fair. Still got to go with Nathan, though. May the best man win! XD
      YES! *high-five* Fellow Heartie!!! I’m literally sooooo excited too!! WCTH makes social distancing SO much easier!! XD

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, what a fun post! Always great seeing other Hearties blogging about the show ๐Ÿ˜€ And I loved your take on things here. I’m also 100% Team Nathan and have been from the moment he stepped foot on the show. I do like Lucas as a character and think he’s shown some great growth, but he and Elizabeth are not meant to be. I feel like the story would flatline if they went that route. Very boring. Her and Nathan on the other hand…WOW! Bring on the sparks! I’m totally with you…I’m so glad Jack was killed off when Dan left the show, because it’s now better than ever. I love Nathan so much more than I liked Jack. I also was devastated when Jack died, but honestly I don’t miss him at all. And that is largely due to Nathan and Kevin McGarry’s amazing portrayal of him. I’m also convinced Nathan will be Elizabeth’s choice. We’ll have to sit through some dates with Lucas in the next few episodes (ick), but I’m thinking Lucas may be the one to realize Elizabeth’s feelings for Nathan and give her a gentle nudge to follow her heart to Nathan. And that would set up a bromance between Nathan and Lucas…because I need them to become best friends!! Lol.

    I’m a Team Infirmary fan and have been since Carson showed up on WCTH…but this season I’m struggling with them. I really hope they mend their fences soon. Things just feel off between them right now.

    The Coulters! They are the best! Talk about relationship goals. I love Lee and Rosemary, and I truly hope they adopt and then find out they are pregnant. That would be so satisfying.

    Thanks for this post! It was a pleasure to read. God bless.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed the post.

      I completely agree with all this! I think Lucas is a very interesting character and his arc throughout the show is fun to watch. But he just isn’t the right match for Elizabeth, while on the other hand Nathan is so compatible with her. I’m really glad Jack was killed off, too, because it just wouldn’t feel right if they had brought in a different actor to play him after Dan left. I loved Jack’s character and it was super sad when he died, but I love Nathan so much that I honestly don’t miss Jack. The show did get even better after season 5!

      Ah, yes! That would be totally awesome, I hadn’t even thought of it! It would be great if Lucas were the one to give Elizabeth a nudge toward Nathan, because true love for someone is wanting what’s best for them. It would be great if Lucas saw he wasn’t the best match and pushed Elizabeth toward the one she truly loves. A bromance between Lucas and Nathan would be just what the Hearties need!!

      Agreed, I hope Team Infirmary can work past their differences. And the Coulters NEED to become parents, like, now!

      Thank you! God bless as well.


  5. Wow!! Iโ€™m kinda leaning towards Nathan myself because of the way she says I canโ€™t, not I wonโ€™t in season 2. There is so much more coming out. Canโ€™t wait.


  6. I love WCTH, but I am a fairly newer fan. We are currently watching past episodes. I think Elizabeth will choose Nathan. He is a man of more character, in my opinion. I also think Nathan is hiding something. I think he did know Jack, and whatever that story is and when it comes out, it will be of consequence going forward. That revelation could even be the reason Elizabeth commits herself to him. You put a lot of thought into your post, and I loved it!


    1. Hi, Betty! It’s great to hear you’re also a WCTH fan!
      I agree with you all the way around. I definitely think Nathan and Jack have some sort of connection. Great thought – the revelation could for sure be the reason Elizabeth finally commits herself to him!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Ahhh, this was such a fun post, JC!!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ I LOVE When Calls the Heart (which I think I told you before๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‰)!!!! I wish SO MUCH that I could watch all the seasons, but I only have the first and the fourth seasons (and I haven’t seen the fourth season yet ’cause I wanted to watch all the episodes in order). HOWEVER, I have seen some off the seventh season (I was able to watch some of them when they were first aired), so I do know some of what is going on. And YES YES YES!!!!!! I am for Nathan ALL. THE. WAY. I totally agree that his relationship with Allie is soooo sweet!!!! He is such a caring person!
    P.S. YOU’RE 65% INTROVERTED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!๐Ÿ˜ฎ Seriously, I would have never thought that of you! XD I’m super introverted and I always thought you were extroverted. Lol. Well then, introverts unite!!!๐Ÿ˜€


    1. Thank you, Katherine! Ah, you should get the seasons on Amazon Prime. They’re all awesome!
      Yay, Team Nathan! He is a really caring person and a great uncle to Allie.
      Yes, I actually am 65% introverted. Who would have thought, right? But if you asked any of my school friends, they would immediately tell you I’m that one in the group who is in her own world! Lol.


  8. Soooooooooooo happy to find a fellow Heartie and a fellow Nathan fan. My family watches this every Sunday with my grandparents (Who got us hooked on the show from season one. I am totally all for Nathan and Elizabeth, just like I was all for Jack in the beginning seasons. WCTH is THE BEST SHOW EVER!!! I love the way it is panning out. So excited for the conclusion. Plus I am totally confident that it will be Nathan and Elizabeth. That way I can stand over my little sister and say “I told you so!” Half of my family are total Lucas fans. (Which I hate.) The worst part in the season is when Elizabeth breaks Nathan’s heart and goes out with Lucas. The best part is when she and Lucas get in a fight. Saw that in the preview for S8E9. Soooooooo excited for S8E12.

    A fellow Heartie and #TeamNathan,


    1. Hi, Hannah! Happy to meet a fellow Heartie and Nathanette!
      I agree! I absolutely love the emotional journey on which the writers have been taking us, especially during season 8. I’m waiting anxiously to see how things will go down.
      I think Elizabeth is truly in love with Nathan, because if she loved Lucas she would have already been able to tell Nathan she doesn’t love him. Instead she says, “I can’t,” or runs. I think Elizabeth is scared of loving Nathan, but I believe she will face those fears in the end.
      Ooh, I have not seen that preview yet. I have a theory that perhaps Lucas will be the one to tell Elizabeth she loves Nathan and she should be with him, and she will be angry with him out of fear. We’ll see what happens – it will definitely be interesting!
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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