Coffee and Milk – A Poem

Image Credit – Desiring God
Coffee is rich brown
Milk is creamy white
I’m a mixture of both
Am I pretty to the sight?

I’m a majority
But I’m also
A minority.
I know what it is to be called dirty
And what it is to be called pure;
What it is to be called an invader
And what it is to be called an asset.

But, lo! I am shelved alone
The coffee doesn’t want me because I’m half milk
The milk doesn’t want me because I’m half coffee
I don’t fit in anywhere.
The coffee part of me is told, “You should have chosen coffee,”
And the milk part of me is told, “You should have chosen milk.”
Both parts are told, "Why did you bond with that?"
Dirty and pure
Invader and asset
Cannot mix.
It creates a bitter brew.

Rejected by both my sides
Who am I?
And I watch my critics eat their breakfast each morning
They pour white sugar in their tea
And they mix their coffee
With milk.
The irony!

Things are so much sweeter
When we allow the dark and white to bond
Without the sugar, the tea is plain
Without the milk, the coffee is bitter
This world is beautiful with many colors
And I’m proud to be a representative of two.

Poem written by Joy Caroline

22 thoughts on “Coffee and Milk – A Poem

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  1. BEAUTIFUL, girl!!!!! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS enjoy reading your poems!!!! Keep on writing them and never be ashamed of who God created you to be!! <33 For what He always says about his Creations is: "It is good."

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      1. Hi! So the other day I was listening to the song Be Kind by Zach Abel, and I immediately thought of your poem! I would recommend checking it out 🙂

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  2. My goodness! This is so true! It’s funny how some people with dark skin are also racist-ly protesting racism… Why is racism not racist in who it attacks? The enemy, Satan, is making such a joke of humankind… *sigh*

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    1. Thank you so much! I agree. I believe both sides have certainly played a part in racism. Being biracial, I sort of have a window into two different sides. I know, it’s so sad that God’s creations can’t appreciate everything he made – including color. Thanks for the comment!

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      1. Exactly! I’m not biracial but my cousin is. And it’s just wrong how she gets treated sometimes. *sighs* Can’t everyone just shut their eyes and mouths and get to know people??


  3. This is my first time on this site and can I just say I love it? Your poem was very well thought out, inspiring, touching, and left a lasting impression on the readers. Keep going! I’d love to hear more poems from you in the future! <33


  4. What an awesome poem, JC!!!!!!💗💗💗 It was so BEAUTIFUL and inspiring!!!!!! I loved the analogy with coffee and milk! I always love your poetry, girl!!!!! You are so talented!!!!!!!<33333 I truly enjoyed reading this!!!!!😀💗

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  5. Wow!!! This is such a beautiful poem, Joy! I love how you compared the mixture of coffee and milk to biracialism (which I’m actually not sure if that’s a word, but you know what I mean). XD Keep writing these poems, girl! They are so, so powerful!! <333

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