Character Graphics!

Hey y’all! Today I have a super, super fun post. I’m going to be sharing some character graphics I made!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: Wait a minute. JC making character graphics? I know, I know. I’ve said before that I never make them because I’m not very good at it. But lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with Canva, and I really like the results! So I thought I’d share my creations.

Let’s just jump into it! I hope you guys enjoy these. Let me know what you think of them.

Temira’s Board

So first up I have a character board for Temira, the main character of my novel The Apostle’s Sister.

For Temira, I gave her the name “heart of a sister” because I just think that describes her perfectly. Her heart is the heart of a sister, and she is the kind of sister I want to be. With Paul, her words are so understanding, her hand is so gentle, and her love is so sweet. All of us can be this kind of sister as Temira was, even if we don’t have a blood sibling.

For Temira’s board, I decided to use soft, feminine colors to emphasize her sweet, nurturing character. But she had very dark times in her life, so I included the darker photo of praying hands to show that she chose to trust God no matter how hard things got.

I’ll talk more about the flame photo in a moment.

St. Paul’s Board

Next we have a character board for St. Paul, the well-known apostle and Temira’s brother.

I gave Paul’s board the name “heart of the tenderhearted” because it describes him so, so perfectly. First and foremost, above anything else, he was tenderhearted. That’s what makes him so endearing.

For Paul, I included a few photos to illustrate the persecution he was forced to endure on account of his tenderheartedness. The moon surrounded by clouds represents how he did struggle to see hope at times. The chain represents not only the many times he was imprisoned and tortured for his faith, but the many times he felt chained to his past and like God hadn’t truly forgiven him. The bright heart surrounded by the dark hearts represents how he was not afraid to stand up for his faith and again, tenderheartedness, in the process saving many souls.

For the burning book photo, I was thinking mainly of the incident in Acts 19:19 when the sorcerers burned their books because they feared the power of Paul’s God. This also represents how people were always trying to burn up his faith and get rid of his words.

Seth’s Board

For Seth, I put the name “anointed heart” for obvious reasons! He was indeed anointed by God to save his uncle’s life and, in turn, the lives of an entire empire.

The top right photo of the three sprouts represents how Paul and Temira helped Seth grow through their love of him. (They are the bigger sprouts, while he is the smaller.) The photo with the rain, the ocean, and the rock represents how Seth went through terrible hardship in his little life, but he always had a rock in Paul and Temira – but in Jesus most of all. The little hand and the big hand reminded me of Seth and Paul’s hands, which I think is really adorable!

The bottom left photo represents Seth’s courage in entering the Antonia Fortress and saving his uncle’s life by speaking to the commander. The photo reminded me of the appearance of a temple/fortress, so that’s why I chose to include it.

Now to talk about the flame photo in Temira’s character board. Have you noticed that I incorporated the colors of flame somehow into all three character boards – Temira’s, Paul’s, and Seth’s? This was intentional. It represents their endurance, courage, and faith. It represents how close they were as a family, and how their love kept them going through everything.

King Hezekiah’s Board

Lastly, I have a character graphic for King Hezekiah from the short story I’m working on now.

For this board, I really wanted to emphasize the incredible power and might that God manifested through Hezekiah. I wanted to emphasize how different Hezekiah was from all the other kings of Judah. As the board says, he “emerged from the flame – benevolent, godly, and kind.” He literally emerged from the flame of his father’s unspeakable cruelty in sacrificing his own children in fire. And he emerged from the flame of destruction the other kings had ignited.

I really like how all the pictures show Hezekiah’s strength and endurance, all because he believed in God. I love how the silhouette shows that he was like Jesus, praying even through terrible suffering. Praying even when he was so sick and was told he would not live. All the photos really show this strength, hope, endurance, prayerfulness, and just the incredible godliness that Hezekiah possessed. He was so good to his people, even calling them his sons.

Also, y’all, you noticed how I used a silhouette in every character board except Seth’s? I’ll tell you why.

Honestly, I don’t think too hard about my characters’ physical appearances. I know some authors do, but I don’t. I just don’t concentrate too hard on it. I actually have a very specific image of Temira in my mind, but I have never created a specific physical image of either Paul or Seth. Do y’all have any opinions on what you think Paul would have looked like? Beyond the obvious fact that he was very weak in appearance due to pain from the marks of his suffering (like torture and illness). That’s a given. It’s his facial features I can’t develop an image of in my mind. Except that I definitely think he had a beard. (In the silhouette I chose for him, it looks like the guy has a beard; that’s why I chose it.) But I picture all Biblical men with beards, LOL.

I actually do describe Paul’s facial features briefly in the opening chapters of TAS, but my description is quite vague. I’ll share it with y’all!

This is a snippet from the first chapter, when Temira is gazing at her little son and thinking of her estranged brother:

She could find in him nothing of Naboth or herself. Instead he bore an uncanny resemblance to Saul, with his curly crop of dark hair, dark eyes, and sober expression.

– TAS page 7

This is describing Reuben directly, rather than describing Paul directly, but Temira says her son looks like Paul. So that would lead us to understand that Paul had wavy dark hair, dark eyes, and a sober expression.

Then again, in the fourth chapter, Temira once more notes the resemblance of Reuben to his uncle:

His eyes were just like Paul’s – dark and inscrutable, with the same depths of fear, vulnerability, and pain.

– TAS page 44

By the way, Reuben’s resemblance to Paul is one of my favorite little details in TAS. I think it’s wonderful. While Temira and Paul are estranged, she describes her son’s resemblance to his uncle as “uncanny” as if she doesn’t exactly like it. But after they reunite and she realizes how much Paul loves her and Reuben, she treasures that resemblance and thinks of it as having a wonderful significance. I love that.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Which of these graphics was your favorite? It’s so hard to choose, but I would have to say I like King Hezekiah’s the best, because the photos I used are so dramatic. But I absolutely love the other graphics! I think they fit the characters so well, and it was so much fun to create them.

Make sure to let me know how your writing is going. What’s new in life? Catch ya soon!

You know the drill – eat, pray, write, repeat!


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  1. These graphics are beautiful, Joy!!!!! My favorite would probably be Paul’s or King Hezekiah’s! Those two just really spoke to me especially with why you chose each of their pictures. Also, I’m with you about not really having a specific appearance of Paul in my mind! XD I usually just imagine him with a beard too (and maybe some darker skin and hair since he was a Jew). 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay, thanks! I like both of those as well.
      Haha, now that you mention it, I definitely think he was dark-skinned. For one, most Jews were dark-skinned – as you pointed out – and for another, he was out in the sun all the time. That’s why the common depictions of Jesus are actually not realistic because he would not have been ivory-white, lol. He was out in the sun all the time, and besides he was a Jew, so I think Jesus would have had a dark complexion as well.

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