Teen Faith Study Group

What is Teen Faith Study Group?

As teens, we have lots of questions! And oftentimes we get confusing answers, or we’re afraid to ask at all. What can you do if you’re wondering something about the Bible, and you wish someone could understand? Here’s your opportunity to ask a fellow teen!

In this featured series, I answer questions about theology, biblical doctrine, and living a godly life for Christ. I invite all questions, and it’s all from the perspective of a teen. (You are, of course, welcome to ask questions about my Seventh-Day Adventist denomination.)

My mission for this series is to provide a nonjudgmental, thought-provoking study group for discussing questions that all teens have. Through TFSG, I pray we will learn together what it means to follow Jesus.

When you submit a Teen Faith Question, I will dedicate an entire blog post to examining and discussing what the Bible says about it. You will remain anonymous unless you request to be named.

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